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Here a re a list of some frequently asked questions by our clients. if you don’t find the answer you seek, please feel free to contact us.

Elite Best Business is a group of accountants, Tax experts, software developers and experienced business managers.

Elite Best Business is the leading group in financial and Tax consultation services provision for individuals, small business, companies and institutions of learning.

Tax is money that is paid to the government by its citizens who include; individuals, corporations or other legal entities, property or on businesses in order to finance government activities.

we are specialized in small and large businesses reporting, filing of monthly VAT, Income Tax, Rental tax returns , obtaining TIN numbers for individuals, and companies, Data analysis of all types of business data, product research, employee recruitment/ Trainings plus training, installations and sale of accounting software like Tally, Quick books, Pastel and Points of Sale .

You are finance consulting expert or want to become one of them? Then please submit your CV and cover letter through job application for on our careers page as we are always looking for fresh talent to join our team.

A person obliged by the law to pay tax is one who has an income generating business within a specified threshold; this person is defined as a Taxpayer.

(i) Taxes help the government generate Revenue to support central government,? recurrent and development expenditure. Recurrent expenditure includes among others? paying public servants salaries, like Doctors, Teachers etc and running government agencies, parastatals and programs. Development expenditure includes building and providing social services like roads, schools hospitals and other infrastructures.

(ii) Taxes are also used in the fiscal policy of a country; ? When the government wants to regulate certain consumption of a particular product e.g cigarettes ? Protect young local industries from competition from other similar imported products.