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Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

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Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

One of the most important steps in investment process is Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration.

Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration

Value Added Tax

A value added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax added to a product sales price. It represents a tax on the "value added" to the product throughout its production process. 

VAT is a monthly tax, a tax return is filed on a monthly basis. It is regulated by chapter 349(CAP 349) of the laws of Uganda.

Do you file or have you registered for VAT, have you been compliant with VAT?,  do you know when you are obliged to be registered, do you know the risk of not being VAT registered when you are supposed to be?

We have experienced staff and we can file this tax for you at very affordable rates on a monthly basis. 

We have a program under which you can give us a responsibility of managing your income tax affairs for a whole tax year.

We take care of the tax filing, tax records maintenance, tax payments management, assessments follow up and relationship management with the tax authorities.

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