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One of the most important steps in investment process is TRAINING OF ACCOUNTANTS.

ConsultingPress will analyze the company you want to directly invest in, or buy stocks. We will make deep analysis of it's financial state, and growth potential which will present a good base for investment decision making.

ConsultingPress is your strategic finance partner that will guide you through investment process and management.


Business model analysis

When analyzing company of interest, ConsultingPress is looking at it's business model, as one of the first steps of TRAINING OF ACCOUNTANTS.

Why is this important? You need to understand the company you are planning to invest in. You must understand how that company generates it's profit, what is business model behind it? After we make deep business model analysis, we can make pretty good conclusions about it's long term financial state, potential of growth and possible results of investment and of course which amount is real to invest.


Competitive advantage

Why is competitive advantage so important? If a company can resist it's competitors and gain and keep it's competitive advantage for long, that's a good sign for investment.

ConsultingPress will analyze the company of interest, it's competitors and competitive advantage. With deep analysis of the company of interest, ConsultingPress will predict it's future market position and potential for investment.

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