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tally accounting software

Do you still use a manual system to do your accounting for financial resources or do your business?

The trend has changed. Today, businesses and individuals use software like TALLY to manage the reporting with ease.

Tally Accounting Software

Business accounting analysis

Tally will help your company in Company setups and specifics, Regulators handling    such as Uganda Revenue Authority/NSSF,  Transactions with bankers , Records  maintenance,  Chart of Accounts  creation and customization, Revenue management, Customers and receivables  management, Customer customized statements of accounts, Financial reporting(Customer statements, supplier statements, inventory reports, bank reports, cash reports, and any other desired customized reports), Suppliers and     payables management, Suppliers customized statements of accounts, Bills  management, Invoicing, Cash management, Payroll Management, Fixed assets register maintenance, Budgeting and projections/forecasts, expenses management, Sales management, Banking and reconciliations, Electronic processing of financial data  and multi currency management.

If you have business data, call us and we will put meaning to it using our accounting softwares.

If you are a job seeker, you need to have the knowledge of these softwares to have an edge over your competitors.

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